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Top 4 Latex Mattresses 2017 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Choosing the right mattress for yourself is quite an aggravating task, and so, I have taken the liberty to show you some of the best mattresses in the market today,  so it is easy for you to select the right mattress for the most precious hours of your day.

Top 4 Latex Mattresses 2017

1.Amerisleep Liberty

The Amerisleep mattress is one of the most eco- friendly mattresses in the world. It is one mattress that promises you to fall asleep 15 minutes quicker than other average mattresses. It saves 18 minutes turning and tossing on the bed as well. Now if you’re a person who has problem sleeping late at night, Amerisleep liberty will help you fall asleep quickly and comfortably.

The mattress at first is a little firm, but within 10 days of use, the firmness comes down to 7 out of 10, 10 being the highest rating on the firmness scale. It helps in back pain as well, since the motion isolation is quite good. The mattress seems durable and has a great support for next 20 years. Also, if you’re choosing a mattress for your children, you can always take a look at Mattressify best mattress for kids or innerspring mattress , where you’ll get to know what you need to look for in a kids’ mattress.

There were two basic issues with the mattress; the edge support was definitely lacking, so if you sit on the edge of the mattress, you’ll definitely fall down, and secondly, the mattress lets you sleep a little warmer than you want to.

2. Alexander Signature

The mattress has different firmness level to best suit your comfort needs; you can enjoy luxury firm, medium firm and soft mattresses. Plus, there are 5 layers of foam added to the mattress starting from, soft quilted foam on top, memory foam, Visco foam, smartflow foam and support base foam. It is definitely good for back pain patients and senior citizens.

The edge support is good, there is no smell in the mattress unlike memory foam mattresses, and you’ll sleep right away as you lie on the mattress. Its durability is one thing to point out, the top portion looks lightly sewn and the bottom portion looks stronger.

Unfortunately, there are things that can bother you. its motion isolation is bad and it retains heat which will force you to sleep warmer than usual mattresses

3. Eve Mattress

Eve mattress provides you the right amount of firmness, comfort, and cooling. It is made up of 4 major layers; High-density base layer, new generation memory foam, breathable comfort layer and a removable cover.

It gives you the right support for back pain and other pressure points. stomach sleepers will enjoy the comfort. the isolation motion does not affect you and the edges as supportive. 

It is an extremely comfortable mattress and has a reasonable price. It definitely provides you features of a luxury mattress without having the price tag of one. The warranty extends to 20 years and also allows you to judge the mattress for 100 days. The only issue that can irritate you is the unavoidable odor coming from the mattress. Otherwise, a great mattress to buy for next 20 years.

4. Hyphen

This mattress has the right mixture of firmness and soft layer on top; it is a custom formulated mattress that contours to your body without sucking you inside. stomach sleepers can really enjoy it. it gives you the right pressure points and support for your back pain.

Overall, the mattress is quick in dissipating heat. It cools down in 15 seconds, which shows that it doesn’t hold heat. The only drawback is the lack of edge support. otherwise, the durability, support and heat dissipation is great.

It might take your precious time to choose the right mattress for yourself, but it is definitely essential that you choose wisely.

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